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The Willow Tea Shop was established in 2011 and has devoted many hours towards a Gourmet Line of their own hand blended teas. Freshness and quality of the product is our number one priority. The Willow Tea Shop orders the herbs, spices, tea leaves, dried fruits and botanicals in very small quantities for freshness. As of 2013 we have started planting many of the herbs that go into our
tea blends.

Offering products made with organic ingredients is very important to us and we strive to only blend with organic ingredients; however, it is not always possible. Our tea blends have been tried out by family and friends and are sure winners whatever your cup of tea may be.

Specialty Teas

There are close to 30 different hand crafted tea blends offered through the Willow Tea Shop and we are constantly adding to the list. For me the blending of the teas is like meditation, it is very rewarding at the end when a new product is developed. The teas are offered one of two ways, loose or in tea bag form. It is all about the tea needs of the consumer and making it easy for them to choose. We also offer sample bags at only $1 a bag.

Over 50 teas
Tea accessories
Accessories for all things tea

American Made is our goal from the beautiful tea cozies to the beverage mats, tea pot-kettle brushes, and our one of a kind ceramic teapots made right here in Northeast, Ohio. The tea pots can be purchased only at the shows I attend due to their delicate craftsmanship, but boy do they keep your pot of tea hot! We also offer brewing baskets, tea balls, lemon tea pot drip catchers, tea cups and saucers, one perfect cup of tea spoon (with and without clip), and much more.

New Tea Shop coming Spring, 2014!